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Florida Teacher’s Story is a real Wake up, America!

…a govt. out of control..

Splendid Ideas about Handling Welfare Fraud and Abuse

scales of wisdom copy (263 x 192) “IF YOU CAN'T FIX IT WITH A HAMMER, YOU'VE GOT AN ELECTRICAL PROBLEM"!

Wow, this girl has a great plan!

Editor Comments: 

Reviewing this article on solutions to welfare fraud, made me think again … Continue Reading ››

Why is Govt Oversight Not Being Used to Cut Spending

This one is enough to make you sick!!


s-biz.bankrepoEditor Note: This nonsense is absolute evidence that the Government Bureaucracy is either refusing to be honest enough to admit it doesn't care about … Continue Reading ››

Wonder Why some People will Still Vote for Obama- a Pity

Ever Wonder Why ? Keep Reading!

 You Tried, You Failed, You have to Go !  

Subject: Fw: A Ford Dealer's Report....sickening  This is exactly why Mitt Romney said that 40 some % of the people are too dependent on … Continue Reading ››

What would happen If all Medicare Disability and Medicaid was Means Tested by the IRS?

 Means Tested By IRS is The Answer!

Why is the Congress on both sides of political aisle afraid to take on the topic of overhauling Fraud, Welfare, and abuses of the oversight responsibilities at every level of the bureaucracy?

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