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When will the World Wake Up?

…the Greatest Gift ever denied by so Many with such non-truth…

A Special Look into the Bread of Life Discussed in John 6 62-63

Bread of Life Discussed Further


    In 2010 I Placed my first post on the Bread of Life Discourse relative to a discussion of the Catholic Sacrament of the Eucharist celebrated at our Masses. I attach that reference for your preliminary background on this further discussion … Continue Reading ››

The Bread of Life-is Really a Story of Awareness

Take this All of You and Eat it....

This is My Body which will be given up for You...

This is a story of a man who traipsed and wandered for many years--content on skirting the hard mystical questions of his Catholic faith. He was a "Sunday-man" when it came to … Continue Reading ››