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Events that affect Our Entire World

Hello World

I am so excited!!! I just found out how to translate my posts, pages, and other information on my website/blog. Perhaps a lot of you use this all the took me almost 3 months poking around trying to find, and when I found learning how … Continue Reading ››

Wild and Wonderful

Some of the  most beautiful pictures of gorgeous wild and wonderful beings that so often are never seen this close.... When program opens, speakers up, click small screen icon on the bottom status bar....enjoy....jg Thank you Arturo..... submitted by ceb Enjoy and pass it on....relhurg

173 Wild and Wonderful 7 november 2010

Get Their Story —Don’t Wait !!

Get Their Story

Dedicated to :     John M. & Bernice M. (Smith) Gruhler                                          1910-1973           1915-1987 image How many of us as we approach our senior years are saddened when we see pictures of Parents, … Continue Reading ››

Birth of a Forest!

…the blueprint of God’s enormous blueprint for His image of a place to place His Children…