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wordFIND® 02-18-2012

wordFIND® Puzzle game

A(n)    10     letter word:   CORRESPOND Contains A(n)     8    letter scrambled word:    SVOCERNE Which becomes the word:        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Hint: (Unscramble):   ROESCV Any ideas of how to make this game interactive?? I am not a programmer..ideas can be left on the Contact tab above...Leave your answers, ...we … Continue Reading ››

wordFIND® 05-14-2011

An  8    letter word:   BALANCED Contains a  5   letter scrambled word:    BLADE Which becomes the word:                       _ _ _ _ _  Hint: (Unscramble):   WLEL Last Game (05-12-2011) Answer:   SPORES