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Who Really Creates Jobs??

Yizzit? that so many of our politicians actually believe that they create jobs> It is my college training in economics that taught me that the Government cannot produce one thing in our economy....they can normally, and do use/hire resources from the population. I can't believe that U.S. Senators and members of the House of … Continue Reading ››
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Abolish Political Parties?…Why Not???

Yizzit? that we have political parties? It seems to me that this is one way of stifling debate that is truthful, accurate, and fiscally accountable. Izzit? because the parties were created initially for the purposes of controlling elections and political agendas by eliminating the opponents of the right to debate publicly? Just think for a … Continue Reading ››
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Entitlements–the Curse of Dependence

Yizzit? that the more money poured into 'Entitlement Programs'--permanent unemployment my humble opinion...the more votes the donor political party (Controlling at the time of the Gifts)' controls... and it doesn't happen  to be  just one party! The Democratic party is the largest donor, but they are not too far ahead of the … Continue Reading ››
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Why are Incumbents Hiding their Status

yizzit? that politicians years ago always wanted the voters to know who the incumbents were on the ballots? izzit? that they were proud that the voters would reward them with another term in office if they deserved it? Quite easy to '...throw the bum out...' if we knew the party they represented and were identified as … Continue Reading ››
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