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Is Hawking ‘Hyper-snobbing’ his Denial of God?

Yizzit? that Stephen Hawking seems to enjoy his pontificating about Creation in his mind's eye. I sense a lack of humility when it comes to understanding something so large and vast as the universe. The scientific community appears, at least to me, to be so patronizing unto itself that they are becoming the 'new-age' secular humanists. Why … Continue Reading ››
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Big Bang Theory–Scientists are God’s Best Agents

Yizzit? That we always get ticked off at the scientist when they attempt to explain their Story of Creation? With the billions of dollars, marks, etc. and all the brilliant brains working on the "...instant following the Big Bang...' what will all of the research and resulting discussions really prove? Refer to the Book … Continue Reading ››
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Our Christian Faith is under Attack…

yizzit? that certain attacks on Christianity and most directly against the Roman Catholic Church are going without  dissent?  izzit? being permeated by the poor nations and Peoples....No!!! It is being spread through very well-defined and patient interests of destruction. Hiding behind a veil of media control and ownership, disguised as … Continue Reading ››
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