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Why I love Skype

One of the greatest things I ever did on my computer was to learn, install, and use the magical program called Skype. It is a way of seeing, yes seeing, and talking with your family and friends around the world absolutely free of charge, if they also are using Skype. Which is absolutelyContinue Reading ››

Senior Moments of Joy

Yizzit?®...that seniors are being left behind in the exciting world of (Cyberspace)--the internet experience? Izzit?® that they see the technology to be too difficult or confusing? I will be offering different ideas about ways of making our retirement years full of joy and excitement. Not so much in the teaching area but the ideas of … Continue Reading ››

Seniors need to be noticed

....yizzit? that anyone over 60 seems to enjoy sitting on the sidelines rather than getting involved in things they know will enhance their lifestyle for the remaining years. One of the reasons I started a blog at my age (72) is that I loved dreaming of being the world's greatest writer and speaker. Now, I am … Continue Reading ››


gets to us all. The longer we live the louder the sounds, the dimmer the lights, and most of all the shorter the days and the faster the time seems to go. In fact, anymore it seems that every other day is a Thursday and the trash has to go out again. I believe that maybe, just … Continue Reading ››