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The Year–2014 ..New WordPress theme installed.

Special Theme: Note: at 02-17-2014 

I’m wanting to keep this running blog entry, for those of you that might like to know how this is all done. That is, after I figure out ha ha! For those that are regulars, you may notice some neat activity in the upper right sidebar.I am learning how to take it vantage of the WordPress 2014 theme, more and more. The more I learn, the more I enjoy, creating, learning, and presenting.

The reason I installed WordPress 2014, was the ability to reach mobile users, that is, handheld and Wi-Fi devices that can receive my work. That was a great idea and investment in my time for myself, because the number of readers is rising excitingly. I am currently using the WordPress plug-in WP touch. After I knew what I was doing, it is absolutely wonderful! The most important issue for me anyway, was the ability to show first-time mobile users who arrive on my site through other ways, to be able to switch to a full-screen mode using the mobile device itself. The controi is at the bottom of the opening page, and permits the user to go back and forth between full-screen or desktop view as it is called, or use the brilliant design of the new theme to move about the site in a mobile matter. Plus the possibility of choosing between the two is always sitting there at the bottom of the page. How that is done, I’ll never know.

And lastly, I have been implementing the gallery approach for music pieces.right now I am trying to feature some of my son’s creations, and ask you to listen in to Johnny’s sounds. I will be continually trying to learn basic HTML coding and PHP applications used in this particular blog.… Till next time… jack G


  • Press F5 Key, ( or the Green Refresh Button at the right sidebar–which will refresh to a new screen, and  see 4 New random posts that you might not have seen before.) .Many of my regular readers know that I am not a programmer and hopefully, understand that the joy of creating is more fun than fuming at myself for making mistakes. Maybe  I am helping any of you doing the same fun things.
  • Anyway, with about 1400 posts to select from…and realizing that not many viewers tuned in on the early years, I thought it might be neat to give everyone the joy of seeing them all….if you wish to go back to the same posts Click Here  ..Comments???
  • As I improve and learn more attractions of the WordPress -2014 Theme, I will share on this page…jackg

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The Year–2013 ..and something new, as usual….

Good morning everyone, this is Jack. I just wanted to  share this fact that I am changing my old theme to one that looks real nice and will serve me well in the future. One of the reasons I did this, is that I wanted to prepare the site for additional things I want to write about.

One of the biggest reasons I have been talking with a developer of the WordPress software that I use on this blog and found out that it wasn’t serving the purpose that I really thought I wanted to. He indicated that I was using too many different topics or categories on the blog.

But over the last two and half years I’ve been doing this, I am happy that I developed all the errors and successes I did on the theme I used. It was great experience, and one of the great things I love about blogging, is the learning experiences that we all have. So one of the big things I like, as you can tell,  as I am a very simple man, and being a German, liking the  approach to laying things out without clutter. So I touched on a theme that I think will serve me well in the future for focusing on a limited selection of topics to talk about.

He gave me the advice to pray about the most interesting topics I could think of.  I think I have decided after looking over my old posts that spirituality and computer topics will be the new course of my action on my blog. If you have any suggestions that you might think I would be good at after reading all the stuff I put up there, please let me know with a comment below on this page. I will open the comments just for the purpose of explaining why I’m doing this. I would solicit your input on the comments block below to let me know what you think of the layout and from what he told me it doesn’t really matter.

So anyway, I will close at this point keep you posted as we develop down the road . This be a new experience for me as I develop a smaller topic audience on my blog.

Stay with me enjoy the ride. Contribute more if you agree with my determination of too much material scattered all over the place, which I suddenly realize I have done, but it was good practice and got life just is out some somewhat on the marketplace.

So, if you have any comments or ideas to work on together, perhaps some of my expertise in audio, video, and other areas could inspire us to assist each other in becoming great communicators…

God bless you all, Jack Gruhler

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Education:        College and Graduate studies…

Age:                    Senior Status—I’ll let you figure it out…

Family Info:      Married, 50+ yrs….Two college educated sons.

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