Word Illegal is the Problem

When it comes to the EMOTIONALLY-CHARGED arguments of pro vs.. anti  “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” the vast, vast percentages of Americans know that we all are immigrants from some country. This is true unless you were an American Native born Indian. The battle over the term “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION” stems on the following precepts:

  1. The word Illegal is defined as against something that is legal
  2. America is a NATION OF LAWS
  3. Americans are not tolerant of law breakers
  4. The law is clearly spelled out about the rules of applying for citizenship and legal residency
  5. All non-Native Born American citizens parents, grandparents, etc…had to apply for citizenship and legal residency according to the LAWS THAT THIS NATION REQUIRED TO BE FOLLOWED
  6. Americans do not appreciate giving legal leniency  to any group of individuals who are here “illegally”
  7. Americans are fed up with politicians, those sworn to defend and honor the laws in place at the time of their swearing-in as political representatives of this country
  8. So, in summary, Americans are not against Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Italians, Polish, Jews, or any national ethnic peoples desiring to be here in America legally
  9. We are absolutely against any persons who break our laws knowingly and willfully attempting to gain favor with the politicians in control of legislation about our immigration statutes
  10. This is aimed more at the lack of courage and abuse many of the long term incumbent politicians exert on all Americans in exchange for voting loyalties, or financial business reasons. So I believe that this article you read below is trying to show the rest of this country that if good honest laws are enacted and dealt with as enacted, everyone ought to be able to OBEY THE LAW OR LEAVE IMMEDIATELY…..a great statement supporting the theme of Americans that “WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS”…..not of men…..God Bless this great Nation and her people…relhurg


Missouri’s approach to the problem of illegal immigration  appears to be more advanced, sophisticated, strict and effective than anything to date in  Arizona .  Do the loonies in San Francisco , or the White House, appreciate what  Missouri has done?  When are our fearless President and his dynamic Attorney General going to take action to require  Missouri start accepting illegal immigrants once again?

So, why doesn’t  Missouri receive attention?  Answer: There are no Mexican illegals in  Missouri to demonstrate.

The “Show Me” state has once again showed us how it should be done.  There needs to be more publicity and exposure regarding what  Missouri has done.

Let’s pass it around.

   In 2007,  Missouri placed on the ballot a proposed constitutional amendment designating English as the official language of  Missouri.  

   In November, 2008, nearly 90% voting in favor! Thus English became the official language for ALL governmental activity in  Missouri.  

   No individual has the right to demand government services in a language

OTHER than English.

   In 2008 a measure was passed that required the Missouri Highway Patrol and other law enforcement officials to verify the immigration status of any person arrested, and inform federal authorities if the person is found to be in Missouri illegally.  Missouri law enforcement offices receive specific training with respect to enforcement of federal immigration laws.

   In  Missouri illegal immigrants do NOT have access to taxpayers benefits such as food stamps and health care through Missouri HealthNET.  

   In 2009 a measure was passed that ensures  Missouri ‘s public institutions of higher education do NOT award financial aid to individuals who are illegally in he  United States.  

   In  Missouri all post-secondary institutions of higher education  annually certify to the Missouri Dept. of Higher Education that they have NOT knowingly awarded financial aid to students who are unlawfully present in the  United States.

   So while  Arizona has made national news for its new law, it is important to remember  Missouri has been far more proactive in addressing this horrific problem.

   Missouri has made it clear that illegal immigrants are NOT welcome in the state and they will certainly NOT receive public benefits at the expense of  Missouri taxpayers.  


Here is the link to confirm:  Be sure to read the readers comments too.  


Taken from:  “The Ozarks Sentinel”  Editorial – Nita Jane  Ayres,   May 13, 2010 .  If the link does not work, just type in “The Ozarks Sentinel – Nita Jane Ayres” in Google. 

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