A Re-Enlightenment 0f My Catholic Faith

A Refreshing Review

Editor Comment:  I have been silent for many weeks preparing to form a Men’s group discussing Our Catholic Faith focusing on a follow-up of a Why Catholic experience  a couple of years ago. This my own contribution and agenda to increase the Knowledge and Courage for men to do as Christ commanded “…to Go and Teach ( Evangelize the whole World…”

My agenda will be primarily to use Brilliant Catholic videos as the topic of discussions  on how we Feel about the content of the topics of what was presented in the video, and

 ask if topics like the one presented would be beneficial to getting excited about Our Catholic Heritage. W e come to share not to preach! This will 

not be a teaching class, but pray that we are encouraged  to raise in the group…please help me by sharing your thoughts about the topic and idea…I would  love to see your opinions…jackg

May Our Lamps Shine Brighter

Courtesy and Thanks to YouTube

Blessings to Scott Hahn

Thanks to Christ and The Catholic Faith

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