My Insights on the Presence of God’s Being Within Us

Love is a Decision but Faith is a Choice

It’s something every Human Being Must choose before the personal relationship with Father, Son, and Spirit will ever be revealed to Any of Us…

The only Image of God ever Seen on Earth!!

( about 30 A.D. )

Picture of ChristAll these years of pleading with God that I may see him…I think I found it!! 

  1. the sense of sight through Our Eyes with the eyes we see beauty and majesty of His creation. He speaks in the clouds, in the colors of the sky and its magnificent size.
  2. the sense of Sounds in Our Ears… through the Years,.. the unified orchestrations of birds, leaves, oceans, and voices, crying out for listeners worldwide
  3. the sense of Smell through our Nose…. the fragrances, aromas, various smells from flowers, trees, fruits and all growing things, we give thanks by their delicious offerings…
  4. the sense ofTaste through Our Mouth,palette, and lips… brings us to a wonderous and succulent experience of the Heavenly remembrance of our Original Gardens of fruits, vegetables and other gifts of the Father of All…

the Sense of Feelings and Touch… Perhaps, God touched me the most by showing me and touching any time I receive a feeling or sense of excitement, joy, or a simple smile from a newborn baby . It is through feelings that God truly makes us aware of His Own Divine Presence!! There is  never another explanation to try to figure it out, tell somebody exactly how we feel… It is only explained within, the God of Love. made it possible in the first place…jack

Note: If you would like to find the recent event that triggered my feeLlngs….drop me a message…glad to share,,,jackg

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