What is Jesus’ Real Name?

HIS Real Name is…

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As a ‘Cradle Catholic’ I Bet I knew but lost my dime…and I Aint telling you either! Just look to the Right Side Bar and click on A Voice in the Desert at the very top. Click  and learn what drove me there! Then, let’s talk about why we might have guessed wrong…jackg

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2 thoughts on “What is Jesus’ Real Name?”

  1. I’m not so much concerned with what his name was/is as I am in why people persist in portraying him as the prototype fair-skinned blonde European type. I’d love to see images of him as he probably actually looked …

    1. Great point Irene…when we physically see Him He will probably remind us that the Father after creating all the races, commented ” …and it was very good…”.. jackg

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