I Invite all to Listen to Each Other When God is Pondered

We Might Learn Who We are !

From me:  Many of you who have read my blog know that I am a “Cradle Catholic” and believe deeply  in the authority and old man prayingteachings of my church. As I have grown older though, I have come to appreciate alternative views and discussions from other faiths about similar topics.

That being said, I invite all of you  to listen to one of my favorite  brothers in Christ, Voice, whom I have come to enjoy and learn from many of his broadcasts, knowing full well he is committed  to the alternative path to the Catholic street to truth! 

On the right side of my blog is a heading  called “Links” please examine the first link called ‘A Voice in the Desert”  Please click on the Link! I do this not to convert anyone, but to enhance our understanding of Scripture,  Jesus’s plan for salvation for all of us, not just  a few and let God be the Judge, as surely He will be of each of own lives. Enjoy and please let me know if you enjoyed the pieces I will put up for our own edifications…jackg

Courtesy: A Voice in the Desert, and YouTube

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