Retired FBI Agent sheds His Story About Comey, Clinton Cover-up

If this is Accurate…

It Might be Too Late!!

( About 14.5 Minutes )

The Power of Political Brainwashing!

Troubling Revelations of American Money & Politics 

  • Mueller has to be fired or Recused 
  • Clintons must become the Highest Priority of a New ‘Invstigation’ into their dirty money results
  • Why is the ‘Alinsky Effect’ not being discussed?
  • How is it that Academic Elitism 85-95% Democrats?
  • Where does Economics and Civics return?
  • God is being dismantled step by step?

Just to review the answers, please review: 

My Opinion: 1.5 Minutes

Courtesy: YouTube

Compiled by: Jackg

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