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Trump Using Tax Code Laws wisely shows Great Leadership

Classic Liberal Gibberish Exposed

Editor Comment: The garbage that is being pedaled by Liberal Media Scrubs are going to their worst performance I have ever seen in Presidential Politics. Former Mayor Giuliani takes a CNN reporter to the woodshed and rights a   miserably leaning article and coverage by NYTimes.

Taking advantage of the Tax Laws Legally have always been an honored and executed practice. But this election cycle is becoming so ugly by the Clinton steam rolling techniques of using IRS information(Tax Returns) leaked or paid for by one combatant candidate ( Clinton) that shows her insatiable appetite for crushing her opponent using illegal mean. Only an egomaniac or an idiotic losing entity would be so stupid to give anyone, especially Clinton to smear and demean the Opponent for not giving the data( Tax  Returns) to her when she made certain no one would ever see her email scandal by lying to the FBI, deleting the evidence after being ordered by Congress to turn them over…and she has the nerve to make news of Trump’s Genius of minimizing his taxes.

The loyalist Democrats and their media puppets, may find out on November 8th , that a vast amount of sincere voters will finally have the chance to repudiate the party that is taking away our rights and privileges by lying, manipulating, and pushing voters to the conservative side for a while….May God Bless America and sway the hearts back to honesty and civility…jackg

Clinton's Folly Will Be Seen !!
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