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Lifejustiz® soon getting a new look with a new theme

Time for a New Look

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Hi everyone, this is Jackg,  your editor, and I just wanted to invite you in to stay with me while I’m trying to install and refresh Lifejusiz®. for the last few years, I’ve been using WordPress theme, 2010. Due to the rapid increase in the technology advancing in mobile devices, smart iPhones, and many other changes to being on the Internet and blogging, many of the features of my old WordPress 2010 theme is no longer able to perform many of the CSS activities required to read much of what’s put on blogs anymore today.

that is not to say that WordPress 2010 is not and was not a wonderful platform. It truly was, and still is. But in my humble opinion, if you want coverage coming from all the mobile devices around the world it is imperative to be able to reach the mobile market. The biggest reason for that is the resizing of screens to fit the viewing screen on the mobile devices and be able to present what used to be a full-page on a blog and make it adaptable to a one or 2 inch screen. Hence, I either had to learn how use a lot of different plug-ins to adapt 2010 to the new technology of mobile devices, and I chose not to really go through that process.

The biggest reason for that is the learning curve at my advanced age and speed of learning the matter how much I think I’m still wonderful, and fully alert which I think I really am, I still am in neophyte when it comes to coding and HTML, along with the advanced PHP coding techniques is always advancing.

So anyway over the next 10 days or sooner I hope, I am working on the newest WordPress theme 2014. It is magnificent and beauty, very much detailed in a magazine format, and many other new features that 2010 did not support, again without very many plug-ins that are available that will integrate fully with my old options.

So, with much enthusiasm and dedication to the new magazine format of WordPress theme 2014, I look forward to continuing to learn, and become proficient, which means still making a ton of mistakes, smile, I will be launching with all my heart and joy, to learn how to become a magazine editor. Just kidding of course, so if you see strange new ideas or looks to the old two 2010 theme that will still be in place, don’t worry I will recognize that I made another mistake, and quickly try to learn why I didn’t get it right.

I do hope my new friends and regular readers, that this will open up a whole new vista of ideas, topics, and general introduction to new material such as videos, sideshows,music, and broaden all of our reading experience. As all of you know one of my great joys in doing this kind of writing is to further everyone’s desire and maybe interest to become a blogger and tell your own stories.

So hang in there with me folks, and say a little prayer, that I have quickly learned the art of becoming a magazine editor. WoW!.jackg 3 copy.. I really do love the work, it is like play the me, and I ask all of you or any of you, who reviewed the new site as it’s being built and seen, were completed with mistakes or something left out that you know I should’ve put in. I look forward to comments.In fact, the new theme 2014 really expedites the abilities to do things in the editorial field. Of course, which I never was….jackg

Produced by: jackg, Editor

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