Consider This Idea About Politics in November

Ideas Will Matter About Political Choices in November

The time is nearing for the Mid-Term elections on Tuesday, November 4th, 2014. I encourage all of us to consider the very serious  nature of the meaning of ‘Our Way of Life’ . I have lived under 13 Presidents so far in my life

the editor
the editor

and am starting to see a real decline in adherence to fiscal and constitutional responsibility of all of our leaders, regardless of the party designations.

It appears that no-one wants to admit to the fact that maybe, just maybe…the root of the malaise in this country is traceable to the career status of our elected representatives. In the early 50-60’s, it appeared to me that all politicians seemed to be happy to serve for a limited time and then go back to their previous work classifications. But, lately it seems tha politicians are career combatants and ideologies who are more affected to party politics than solving the many problems this great Nation is trying to deal with.

I Plead with all of you to listen to my rant for fairness and National Issue Awareness over petty power politics…It will only take less than 10 minutes….please sound off in comment…no matter your persuasion…just be fair and open…we have enough of that among our political parties…jackg

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