Incumbency Must be Identified and Challenged

Incumbency Has to be Discusses and Challenged


When will the politicians in every elected office again be responsive to the people who elect them over and over again? Years ago, an incumbent was identified on the ballots of America….for good reason…that if we, the voters are generally dissatisfied with the way Washington is not paying attention to the voters needs and feathering their own security interests, we could as a nation, toss the entire group out at one time.

I have taken a stand, and I do hope all of you do the same and challenge any incumbant that has been there longer than 8 years. If there longer, then toss them all out! Send a new face to represent you of the same party if that is your belief. One of the discrepancies of always voting for the same party all the time is that being said, you become a follower of a career incubent…that becomes more concerned with the power of the game called seniority and less concerned with the real needs of the vast majority of all of us voters.

Nothing is ever mentioned anymore about that term ” Incumbency”. That is my passion to resurrect the term and it’s meaning and causes of many of the ” gridlock ” that parties toss at each other.

So, I will be recording many podcast s dealing with this issue capitol-building-at-night-washington-dc-copy-150x150in the next 60 days….because no one will be discussing it in our National offices….it is too  much of a threat to all of them….stay tuned and “…Stay in Touch with reality…..” not the political spin coming from the eternal incumbency parades in the next 2 months…jackg

This first of my rants:     ( About 7.5 Minutes )

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