A Possible Solution in Ferguson Mo -a Podcast

Another Possible Fix in Ferguson, MO

I decided to chime in with a simple solution or possible consideration to the current situation in Ferguson, Missouri. I offer this podcast in hopes that it is considered important to

courtesy: aboutstlouis
courtesy: aboutstlouis

address the long-term issue of political and racial justice for minorities….in this case the black  community. Everyone has bantied about a number of serious reasons that this terrible event happened. But, in my non-professional opinion, the Black Community is silent about why, a city that’s majority of persons make up 65-75 % of the population isn’t controlling its own activities by having a similar percentage of councilmen, mayors, and City departments led by the majority ethnic community. Whether white, black, hispanic, or whatever. This is my inquiry to the Black Community? Why are there no serious community discussions about your participation in election politics more conducive to your cultural percentages….I hope this might be a means of injecting some logical suggestions for getting Ferguson voters to realize you have the power, why are you not execising it???  jackg editor…

( About 4.0 Minutes )

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