Carrier flight excitement -the X-47B trials

x-47b THE X-47B

In early 2013 the Navy successfully conducted take-offs and landings from a fairly new nuclear aircraft carrier, theUSS George W. Bush, with a new stealth jet called the X-47B. What is so different about this plane is the fact that it is a ‘drone’.  Yes, it is completely unmanned.  Drones come in all sizes, and the X-47B is likely one of the larger ones. What is so ironic about all of this is, the fact that the enemy cannot detect a plane like this in the first place.  In the unlikely event they get lucky at shooting one down, there will be no human loss of life or captivity.  As you view the flight deck crew signaling the plane, they are simply signaling the on-board cameras, who in turn are being manned by staff inside the command intelligence center (CIC) on-board the ship. Also check out the short distance this plane needs for a takeoff. Impressive indeed.

( About 4.5 Minutes )

the X-47B

Editor Comment: Being a former member of USMC-FMAW’s I, and all Americans salute the Navy, Carrier group, engineers, pilots, crew, and all the design and support staffs that make these miracles come to life…May God Bless the USA!!!!…jackg editor…

Submitted by: kg…edited by: jackg (USMC)

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