Fr Richard DeMolen Discusses Catholic Sacraments

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Editor Note: Our Dearest Priest and Friend–Father Richard Demolen Died yesterday, 8/30/2015–

May the Divine Mercy of Our Lord Jesus Christ, welcome Fr. Richard as he came into His Glorious Presence ….,jackg 

Catholic Sacraments–an interview with Father Richard Demolen

I take special pleasure in introducing Lifejustiz®  readers to a dear friend and a renowned speaker, who just happens to be one of our priests, at Immaculate Conception Parish in Sparks, Nevada. Father Richard is serving and assisting our Pastor, Father Norm King.

On KIHM radio 920 AM in Sparks, NV this morning Fr. Richard was interviewed by Radio Host Ed Horodko at 11:00 am on the Living the Faith show.

( About 12 Minutes )

These interviews deal with the Catholic Priest’s role and importance in stressful times of our lives….especially the premature baby discussed here….

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Prepared and edited by:  ( jackg editor )

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