Something New Something to Do

Hello Dear Readers,

Welcome, from the great and glorious high-country of Reno/Sparks, Nv. at the foot of beautiful Lake Tahoe, Jewel of the High Sierra…

This podcast will introduce my next attempt to engage some discussions by using my new forum and the concept of DayPoke®. And just maybe a New Something to Do! 

I am going to limit the intro to a podcast for a couple of reasons….

  • attempt to introduce the community of Lifejustiz®
  • debate or discuss pertinent topics that we could rag on each other without identifying us..I love this Coward’s way of doing things).just kidding, of course….
  • to get you used to skipping around for material…
  • try new things and approaches…
  • getting informed on topics that the Main Media never talks about without their own slant or prejudice….
  • many other reasons that will pop out as we all start to know each other..
  • so, come on, get involved…use your nickname or initials or however you would like to be referred to by members as we all will get to share with….and often, make great friends of the cyberspace…

( About 9.3 Minutes )

Lifejustiz Forum Intro

Produced by: relhrg (jackg)

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