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Should We Abandon An American Two Party Political System

Two Party Political System.

Infiltrate or Direct Re-Register Crossover

From the Editor…seeing both political parties at their worst in this election season, it is becoming, in my humble opinion, time to consider abandoning the Republican Party in total or leaving a token representation in place and have 90% of the remaining party loyalty immediately be prepared if the White House is not secured in this election and register as Democrats and fight from within.

It would be disruptive to the Democrats at best, and a painful result as a result of an impotent of the Republican leadership. How it would be done I can’t define at this time until the results are in. But to me shedding the minority party that is destined to become a declining force in American politics, may become the only choice this party has.

Being a permanent minority party is not a pleasant thought. just think if this could become true, The Democrats will have no one to scapegoat and act like a bully, controlling every facet of media from Hollywood to New York. How would they deal with an interior party that will keep them honest? Think about it seriously… More to come as the election continues…jackg…

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