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A Special Look into the Bread of Life Discussed in John 6 62-63

Bread of Life Discussed Further




In 2010 I Placed my first post on the Bread of Life Discourse relative to a discussion of the Catholic Sacrament of the Eucharist celebrated at our Masses. I attach that reference for your preliminary background on this further discussion of the Gospel of John (see) Chapter Jn 6: 45-59.

It might be helpful to read this as mentioned above:

I present the following podcast for information and discussion only not as a teaching without proper credentials…..we all are called to teachers of our faith! To that, I think we might all agree with..

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John 6 62-end

topic: the Bread of Life Discussed

I am hoping to open a discussion with anyone that might like to comment or go to the forum cited below…enjoy God Bless You and the United States of America!!!

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