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What would happen If all Medicare Disability and Medicaid was Means Tested by the IRS?

 Means Tested By IRS is The Answer!

Why is the Congress on both sides of political aisle afraid to take on the topic of overhauling Fraud, Welfare, and abuses of the oversight responsibilities at every level of the bureaucracy?

This nation is at serious risk of collapsing through the scurrilous behavior of both major political parties in perpetuating their stay in office at any price mentality.  Rather than cutting our National Defense, Laying off thousands of Government employees, and adding to Unemployment misery…. congress should be empowering the Commissioner of the Internal Revenue to issue a change of mission for 5 years from the Audit of Taxpayers to one of Absolutely means-testing every form of entitlements to be certain that the taxpayers are really getting value for turning over trillions of dollars of taxes to a Government that appears ignorant or just plain bringing this country and its ideals of constitutional freedoms down. A major benefit would be a major dent in our National Debt and the annual outlays. Post a 90 day moratorium on prosecuting fraud and crime to all who bail out within that period. Watch and see how fast the government spending would decrease all by itself…Try It, Congress!!

The main culprits of this bloated bureaucratic mess is the lack of fresh faces in the seats of congress. Too many seniority rules protecting Senators and Congressmen and women’s power bases. New Faces every two to four years would certainly get more real Business of America done than what is the current ‘ good ole boy ‘ synfrome!  Lobbyists would disappear with new faces. Pork barrel legislation and markup perks would never be funded in the wasteful manner they currently do.

Going after the Democratic Party for it’s 80 year romance with Keynesian ecomomics and vote buying through entitlements for special interest groups. Along with the Republican party’s love affairs with the Wealthy and afflluent supporters of Wall Street Welfare and Farmers crop and price support (welfare of sorts), this is getting out of hand by congresses over the last 62 years or so.

This has to be changed before one party or the other has an absolute super majority of voters on the take that it is impossible to stop anything that is not in accordance with the Constitution and it’s protections…the rights of a minority party challenging any or all legislation is impossible….scary, but true.

This president and the Democrats have made a mess for the last 4 years…give new Republicans a chance for the next 4 years, and if they fail, then vote new Democrats into another term. Just do not let any of them become Career Politicians as their desire seems to be today…this will make all politicians responsive to the will of all Americans, not just corrupt entrenched career politicians….

Since 90 percent of the National Media is either a partner with the congresses of absolute tyranny, or not willing to upset all their privileges given to them by the particular party who has all the power. Wake up America!!! It is almost too late to take this country back from the voters who have traded their freedoms, dignity, and votes for the purpose of less work, if any, and satisfied with the decline; as long as the government check keeps coming.

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