A Time for Listening and Evaluating-Not Party Politics

Editor’s Note:

There comes a time in all Nation’s Histories that it’s citizens are called to set aside petty political loyalties and self-serving thought,  behavior, and civil disrespect of it’s laws and regulations…This will be a time for listening to some tough talk….

This is such a time… Many of you may have heard, seen, and pooh- poohed the topic covered in this audio…It represents a reading by the editor, rather than having a printed document, just to be tossed into the trash….I appeal that you listen with your thinking cap on and not think this is just a tirade by an adverse political right-winger blowing off steam.

Remember, the time is ripe, the treasury is non-running annual deficits and Fort Knox, most likely  without any Gold we own left– just borrowing continuously to keep the Nation Afloat. Yet many,  if not the majority,  of our citizens could care less…just keep those government checks coming! There is a common belief that the majority of Americans now believe they are “entitled” to have the government take your money and give it to them….A VERY DANGEROUS TIME FOR THE GREATEST NATIONN THAT EVER WAS! …jackg

 Obama Classmate

( About 12.5 Minutes )

edited by: relhurg

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