My Angel’s Name?…How did you find That out?

Yizzit? that I don’t know my guardian angel’ name after all these years? Many, many of my friends and acquaintances tell me their angel’s name and say they even talk to them all the time…Well, I believe in angels, but don’t know mine’s name…and most of all, never heard her/him speak to me.

I solicit your experiences with your guardian angel, how you found out their name ? Did you ever communicate with your angel? How do test or know that your angel is really there? I am sure there are a ton of persons that would love to hear your stories. Please, share with us that exciting story….wish I could find out my guardian angel’s name and have the faith to know I am able to speak, share, trust, love, be loved by, and most importantly…draw me closer to the God who made it all possible…what a glorious thought…what do you say???  relhurg

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