Big Bang Theory–Scientists are God’s Best Agents

Yizzit? That we always get ticked off at the scientist when they attempt to explain their Story of Creation? With the billions of dollars, marks, etc. and all the brilliant brains working on the “…instant following the Big Bang…’ what will all of the research and resulting discussions really prove? Refer to the Book of Genesis, open your hearts and souls, and get the answers.

The neutron and atomic physics that will be studied in the Big Bang experiments around the world are going to reveal nothing that God hasn’t told us in Genesis. But the investigation by the scientific communities, albeit with no mention of God, is as always giving them the opportunity to discover what “really” happened….God’s magnificent love of the Scientists approach to His creation—He probably urges His beloved sons and daughters of Science to visit with Him, there is nothing to hide….from His perspective...relhurg

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