Complacency in Politics Leads to Our Downfall-Listen

Complacency In Politics Leads to A Nation’s Sickness, decay, and then, Natural Death. 

This short Podcast will touch on a few of Professor Tyler’s comments  and why the Life of a Democracy is just a temporary lifespan due to the vile and immoral behavior of many, if not most, of it’s own citizens.

I encourage all of you after listening to this podcast on Itunes, if you have the time or inclination, see The Tyler Episode that is still showing on Itunes. To get to My Itunes pod casts, click on the Itunes Button at the top right of this screen. I do believe if we Americans reflect on the beauty, protection, and clarity of The U.S. Constitution, realizing that only “….being and believing we are a Nation of Laws, not of men and their imperfect ways…” can we prevent the apparent dismantling of a Great Notion as a result of the “…Ignorance of Complacency…”

produced by relhurg 


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