Our Christian Faith is under Attack…

yizzit? that certain attacks on Christianity and most directly against the Roman Catholic Church are going without  dissent?  izzit? being permeated by the poor nations and Peoples….No!!! It is being spread through very well-defined and patient interests of destruction.

Hiding behind a veil of media control and ownership, disguised as innocent questions and accusations against Catholic Church scandals, priests convictions of heinous proportions, and posing as the advocate for those ‘unable to decipher for themselves…’, an army of antagonists continue to use this approach to discredit the basis of Christianity…..the Catholic Church along with other Christian based faiths.

With the powerful and resourcefulness of the super wealthy moguls and media owners, they are step by step attempting to dismantle the only ‘…voice in the wilderness…’against greed, enslavement, and destruction of human sensitivity.

Destroy a nation’s belief in it’s Faith of  It’s Fathers, especially  under our Constitutional form of governance …and you will have a nation without morals or character. History has shown that any nation that is divided unto itself, surely is destined to fail and become a decadent, lawless, and anti life civilization. Americans are having our own history books altered to support anti-American events to discolor our strong history of One Nation Under God…indivisible….

If you and I continue to wallow in our attitudes of ‘…don’t get me involved in politics and religion…’ , we will end up getting what other unsavory elements force upon the sleeping and non-committed American people.

Our Nation, Families, and everyone who loves this great country….get off the political tyranny of party affiliations and blind allegiance to their ideas…that applies to Republicans, Democrats, and others entrenched in this game of converting the masses through the dissolution of their Faith and Morality….unless we pay attention and demand accountability….we surely will become lost..

…by a friend of America…..( stay tuned for other topics)

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