Politics Not Poison-Please Pay Attention to Truth

Politics Not Poison–Should be the Issue !

The President, facing a very serious challenge to his Presidency and Leadership Qualities appears not to be satisfied with the Bully Pulpit that all Presidents enjoy, along with all the values of an ‘over-stuffed’ war chest of a reported billion dollars….has already unleashed a vitriolic campaign against anyone who ‘…dares to think he can be unseated….

Herman Cain, the front-runner, so far, has been subject to direct sexual smears by some unsavory characters who, hiding behind their attorneys, have truly used hyperbole, lies, and innuendos in the process of trying to snuff out another strong-anti government Republican candidate. Herman Cain, although possibly not well-funded, is a threat to the black vote, traditionally 90-95 percent allayed with any Democrat—for what, I wonder!

Please listen to the short podcast sharing more on this subject. If anyone can submit evidence of the ridiculous charges this woman raises…why did this allegation happen as an employee applicant where, if she ever showed up for a job, there is very little credibility to her smear tactics othe than a shakedown of Cain…and a possible dispatch of an exciting candidate that has taken to the American People of All Colors…..johng

Politics Should be above Poison

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