Lifejustiz now a Podcast also-Just come and Hear


Lifejustiz® Is now a Podcast on Itunes !

Hi, to all my friends and readers. I just took the plunge to learn how to put my audio post into Itunes Podcasting capabilities.

 I will still be writing and using my blog Lifejustiz on:                    

The biggest reasons that I wish to enter the podcasting areas was prompted by a dear friend of mine that had a similar experience with cataract surgery. I have a tougher time seeing out of my right eye now that I had surgery. Also, being a senior ( 73 years ) many of my faithful seniors asked me to do so. The Podcast is located at the Itunes store. When you arrive there, left click in the search box at the top right of the screen, type in Lifejustiz (one word capitalized or not capitalized) it will take you to the podcast area and then left click on the temporary logo of Lifejustiz®…

Happy listening and email comments to:

Be sure to comment when you can…offer ideas you might like to hear about on my podcasts….johng

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