Why Not investigate Fraud and Waste rather Than direct cuts

Investigate Fraud  and Abuse—instead of cutting Needed Social and Military prgrams that are absolutely Necessary !!                                

Another Possibility that may produce more savings than mandatory cuts in necessary and desirous programs.

I have mentioned several times that America is running out of possibilities of continuous borrowing to grow Government without having to account to taxpayers for using current income to buy…No one would scream too loud if the congress always spent no more than is collected in revenue ( taxes from you and I ). Most likely will have to be forced upon the congress if they do not pass a balanced budget amendment.

Only a new President, Senate, and House of Representatives will be able to agree on this invaluable guideline of sound fiscal policies. Too many longterm politicians that are beholden to too many Lobbyists.

A New Broom Sweeps Clean…we all should elect a New Broom!  Only if we keep the heat on them…will things return to honesty and clean representation.

My audio thoughts are in the attached podcast…

 ( About 5.25 Minutes )

Elections 2012-3

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