Logic of a Balanced Budget Should Prevail to All

Always in Debt is like being in the process of dying!! You’re strangling You are voiceless to the persons or parties to whom the debts are owed…

And if the debt goes unpaid, the assets you think you own may be foreclosed (in this country) or physically taken away by force (as it appears to be in most other countries)

So what is the secret?

Stay out of Debt!

In America today, we all are screaming about no jobs, no  hope for the future. Well, if the nation was debt free, operating under a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, America wouldn’t be struggling with political attitudes always over-riding sound fiscal and financial principles necessary for  a helathy and strong Nation and economy.

Listen for a few minutes to another appeal on Audio for a consideration and National Debate out in the town-hall locations in America’s neighborhoods. Washington is too far removed from most of us….bring them to our doorsteps and make Congress and the President look us in the eyes and tell us that their method of accounting, responsibility, and honesty is serving us properly!!!

 Please be patient while the audio loads…

Econ101 T3 Mixed

Produced and edited by: relhurg

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